DJ Rage was responsive, always communicated with us, he showed up on time which was very important, and did a great job at being professional, it made it worry-free for us. He was able to match our event’s vision, he hit out of the park, it was exactly what we were looking for! Being a corporate brand those things were important to us.

- Jim Matoska, Owner ( Segafredo Mills Park )

DJ Rage understands what it means to be professional. Clients understand their brand is on the line at every event. Because of that professionalism he shows up prepared, prepared with the right equipment and the right music to ensure each client’s event is successful.

- Jon Adcock, CEO ( PTE Productions )

DJ Rage works very well with clientele, he is a great communicator, and he definitely does what is needed from the client’s perspective and can change on the fly.

- Scott Bragg, President ( Fired Up! Entertainment )

DJ Rage is really good at playing all the right music at the right time. It’s real important to be able to read the crowd as well as array the video screens to his music. He is a true maestro.

- Jim Robinson, President ( Promo Only )

DJ Rage’s ability to adapt seamlessly from one environment to the next from place to place and not miss a step with my clients is incredible!

- Shanon Larimer, SVP of Marketing ( Baker Barrios )