Throwing an Outdoor Event? Here’s How to Pull It Off

Throwing an Outdoor Event? Here’s How to Pull It Off

Four Planning Tips and Helpful Services from DJ Rage

Are you planning on taking advantage of the gorgeous weather here in Central Florida with an outdoor event? Taking an event outside can be magical when everything comes together just right and a sunny day or a clear night sky frames your guests’ experience. The staff working with DJ Rage are pros at executing outdoor events that surpass expectations to become extraordinary memories. Here are some tips for making your outdoor event a success.

Fill the Space with Magic

An outdoor event can feel spacious and airy, but it can also feel a bit empty. With such a big space you need to make a big visual statement! Go big with your decor and plan at least one spectacular visual feature. Whether it is a special dance or your grand exit, light up the night with sparklers that shoot into the air for a moment that no one will forget!

Think About Comfort

Depending on the time of year, you should consider what your guests will need to keep the party going. Will the bugs be out and biting? Will the sun be bright and burning? For a cooler night, guests might appreciate a cozy blanket to wrap themselves in. Having a little station stocked with thoughtful items will ensure your guests stay and party as long as possible.

Consider Lighting Options

An outdoor event space most likely means limited or non-existent easy access to power for lighting—a definite hurdle in planning how you will light up your beautiful space so your guests can actually see it. DJ Rage has the answer in the new self-powered and wireless controllable lighting. This system is perfect for outdoor events because there are no wires and it can be placed wherever you need it.

Choose Your DJ and MC Wisely

Often an outdoor space can lack clear boundaries, so guests end up spreading out all over the event if nothing is keeping their attention. To keep the party on schedule, and to keep everyone involved in the festivities, choose a DJ and MC who will interact with all your guests and maintain the energy that you want your event to have. Choosing music to fit your event, reading the mood of the room, and interacting with your guests—of all ages—are all important to keeping the party together when you are in a large outdoor space.

Planning an outdoor event can feel daunting, but an event outside in the fresh air can’t be beat. With a little extra planning—and some help from the professionals working with DJ Rage—your next outdoor event can be a dream come true. Contact DJ Rage today to talk about the services they can offer your outdoor party or wedding.