Technology: Revolutionizing the DJ Industry

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Technology: Revolutionizing the DJ Industry

Everyday, it seems like there’s a new piece of technology being launched. Advancements in technology are happening constantly, and they’ve revolutionized the art of DJing!

Let’s take a quick look back at history, shall we? It used to be that DJs had to lug around crates filled to the brim with vinyl records, and regularly visit the local record shop for new music every week.

Now, of course, we have access to thousands of tracks, and carrying them around is as easy as picking up a laptop and grabbing a Pioneer CDJ.

New technologies have really changed the way we approach DJing, especially the software you can use with the DJ hardware. It gives me, DJ Rage, more freedom with my music, but there are many other technological advancements that help set my performance apart, most notably my custom video mixes and the touchscreen DJ.

Revolutionizing the DJ Industry dj rage

My mastery of the touchscreen DJ has created a more interactive and innovative experience for everyone. The touchscreen console, made entirely of glass and transparent, has an eye-catching look and LED display that enhances the whole experience.

Video DJing is another thing that makes my performance unique, and once my custom video mixes start playing, the crowd just loves it!

New technological advancements are always on the horizon for DJing. When I first started DJing, my setup was a two channel mixer with 2 five-disc CD changers from Radio Shack. Once I had enough money saved up, I upgraded to an American DJ mixer and CD player setup.

Currently, you can find hardware on the market being promoted to DJs that producers would typically use, equipment like the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 or the latest DJS-1000.


Whether many DJs will choose to remix live or produce a beat live in their sets remains to be seen, but DJ Rage is always innovating to produce a great performance every time!