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Our Creative and Innovative Approach to DJ Services

Our Creative and Innovative Approach to DJ Services

Bringing World Creativity and Innovation Day to Every Day The UN has finally appointed World Creativity and Innovation Day as an official holiday, and now generating new ideas rightfully has its own day of celebration. It was celebrated on April 21st, and it got our wheels turning. The audiovisual industry is nothing if not creative and innovative, so this holiday feels like it was made just for us. We believe that what we do is equal parts art, science, and service, which leaves us lots of room to showcase how we creatively solve problems and bring you the best party experience possible. To acknowledge World Creativity and Innovation Day, we have brainstormed the...

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Technology: Revolutionizing the DJ Industry

Everyday, it seems like there’s a new piece of technology being launched. Advancements in technology are happening constantly, and they’ve revolutionized the art of DJing! Let’s take a quick look back at history, shall we? It used to be that DJs had to lug around crates filled to the brim with vinyl records, and regularly visit the local record shop for new music every week. Now, of course, we have access to thousands of tracks, and carrying them around is as easy as picking up a laptop and grabbing a Pioneer CDJ. New technologies have really changed the way we approach DJing, especially the software you can use with the DJ hardware. It gives me,...

Touchscreen DJ - DJ Rage

TouchScreen DJ

Yes, you read the title correctly: touchscreen DJs exist, and DJ Rage is one of the few in the world who can seamlessly perform with a digital touchscreen! As a video DJ, DJ Rage combines professionalism and innovation to produce engaging and unforgettable events. The touchscreen console, made entirely of glass, gives each event that special edge. The Emulator touchscreen is a DJ console with tons of great features that are sure to get any crowd excited, including: Transparent screen, allowing guests a unique and exciting glimpse into the DJ controls and the magic behind the music LED display that glows in the dark, creating a show-stopping effect Visuals and sound quality that create...